Work anywhere: keep important info handy- your notes sync automatically to all your devices, remember everything: make notes more useful by adding text, images, audio, scans, pdfs, and documents, and turn to-do into done. Bring your notes, tasks, and schedules together to get things done more easily, find things fast: get what you need when you need it with powerful, flexible search capabilities. Hit every deadline: Create and assign tasks inside your notes with due dates, flags, and reminders so nothing falls through the cracks. Go paperless: Scan important documents and keep them handy on all your devices. Save the information—not the clutter. Clip the web: Save web pages (without the ads) and mark them up with arrows, highlights, and text to make them more useful. Connect your Google Calendar: Make your schedule work for you. Your meetings and notes have context, so nothing gets lost in the shuffle. Find your Evernote: Whether you want to get organized, keep your personal life on track, or boost workplace productivity, Evernote has the right plan for you.

Evernote Basic Info

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