Social media refers to different internet-based platforms that allow users to communicate with their friends, family and social groups. These platforms also serve as efficient and cost-effective marketing channels as brands and businesses use social media to introduce and promote their products and stay connected with their clients. Social media allows users to share content and send personal as well as commercial messages instantly. In this way, it supports quick electronic communication. With the continuously increasing use of smartphones and availability of the internet at cheap rates, the use of social media platforms has increased significantly. Every Smartphone user has a presence over one or more social media sites and uses different social networking channels for personal or professional communication. In other words, it can be stated that social media has transformed the patterns of communication and has made it much easier to stay connected with people around the globe. Social media includes social networking sites, discussion forums, media sharing sites, blogs and micro-blogs, video sharing sites, image sharing sites, podcasts, content sharing sites and messaging sites. Although it was introduced as a mean to connect with family and friends, it has become the largest means to share different forms of content over the internet. For businesses, social media has emerged as a cost-effective marketing channel as they can convey their message to customers across the globe through respective social media platforms. Social media is not only a mean to stay connected with others, but it is also used to share opinions and thoughts on any topic. It has emerged as a very powerful channel for general public to express their views and reactions on different national, international and social events. It also has empowered peoples in developing countries as they can share their opinion and submit their reactions on different important events. This freedom of expression was not available for the common man before the advent of social media. Social media platforms are also used to run any kind of social, political, religious or marketing campaign. These campaigns are more effective and cheaper than traditional campaigns that used electronic and print media. Social media has the potential to convey a message to masses across the globe within no time. There are currently 3.96 billion active social media users which mean your message potentially can be conveyed to all these people. This potential and reach make social media today’s most powerful tool to run a campaign successfully. Social media also works as a channel to spread awareness about different current affairs and allows the general public to react and submit their views. Different social networking sites share important news for relevant social and business groups and networks. This element helps people to stay informed about current events and news in their respective social and official communities. In nutshell, social media has become an essential part of our lives today. It allows us to stay connected with other people, express our views and opinion, promote our business, support any social cause, stay informed about current events across the globe and use our freedom of expression in an effective and powerful way.

Social MediaDiscription

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2 years ago

Very informative, I can say this can help understand the social media within a few min, is this updated often?

Dr. Joyce Wunsch
2 years ago

What about the new social networks that are growing super fast I am pretty sure you can had theme here to

Mrs. Kailyn D'Amore Sr.

FB book is going down hill because of all the bugs they have, almost impossible to find what your looking for business wise but still important to have at the moment.

Eugenia Considine
2 years ago

Well, this makes sense, how often is this updated, I am pining this to my browser, I am blogger and can really need info like this without all the ads all over the place.

Robert Nagin
2 years ago

See the website is growing, everyone the office is using it, Heard there will be games on this website.