Build & add calculators to your website: choose from many ready-to-use templates or develop your calculator from scratch without prior programming knowledge. Generate leads by allowing your website visitors to have the calculated results emailed and simultaneously get a copy to your inbox. Create an interactive calculator: build your web calculator using our simple drag-and-drop editor. Add your preferred elements from the list and customize them according to your business case. For any online business, landing pages are one of the most potential gold mines. This is where you allure customers with irresistible offers and exciting as. It’s a fact that landing pages have a higher conversion rate than any other generic or blog page. You can use a higher conversion rate for any purpose, be it SEO (search engine optimization), lead capturing, or paid advertising. A slight change in the landing page can increase the conversion and then eventually your profit. Even after being so beneficial for the business, marketers still find it challenging to understand the landing page’s performance and optimize it. Besides the essentials, there are countless tools for landing pages available in the market that help marketers measure, improve, and optimize performance.

Calconic Basic Info

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