The all-in-one property management platform: Landlords, streamlines property management, reducing duplication so you can spend time doing the things you love. Rent it: We help you find great tenants. Free Online Applications Landlords using free online application forms get quicker responses, avoid duplication, and, best of all, have zero paper to lose! Digital Lease Agreements: Send your soon-to-be tenants an online Lease Agreement or store your own. Keeping things neat for you is what we do. Tenant Screening: The most significant risk for Property Managers is default and the costs associated with vacancies. The platform Integrates both industry leaders – Certn and Equifax reports for your peace of mind. Discover who is most likely to pay on time and stay in your rental!. PendoPay: Online Rent Payments From your tenant’s bank to yours. Without the drive. Set up or invite your tenants to pay their rent through direct bank transfers. They’ll enjoy the friendly reminders and have peace of mind their rent is being spent on time. You’ll appreciate fewer trips to the bank to deposit cheques and no more awkward conversations around late rent. Available to all landlords in Canada.

Pendo Basic Info

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